Conditions Decline in Pireaus Greece


By The Genocide Report          
May 5, 2016            

In a refugee camp in the port city of Pireaus, Greece, small tents and crude shelters have become home to more than 5,000 refugees. Pireaus is the largest makeshift camp in Greece.

Since an agreement between Turkey and the European Union was reached that calls for refugees arriving in Greece to be forcibly returned to Turkey, the number of persons arriving in the camp continue to increase and the conditions of the camp are in a downward spiral. There are only thirteen toilets and only one bathroom for use by the thousands of refugees in the camp. People are tightly crowded into the passenger areas of the port terminals. Clothes are washed in the public sinks. The few charging stations for phones are constantly in use.

There is a constant stream of refugees and migrants arriving in Piraeus by ferry and bus. The vast majority of arrivals are Syrian and Iraqi.

While Greece has suffered tremendous economic strain and the people are struggling, many local residents have showed up to the port to donate basic necessities, food and clothing to the refugees in the Piraeus Refugee Camp. More than 132,000 refugees and migrants have arrived in Greece, fleeing from violence, conflict and poverty during the first quarter of 2016. Most of them want to seek refuge in Europe; however the Turkey – EU deal will see the majority deported to Turkey.

Featured Image: Makeshift refugee camp in Piraeus, Greece holds more than 5,000 refugees and migrants trying to escape conflict, violence and extreme poverty in Northern Africa and the Middle East. Photo: EPA